Terms and Conditions

This is a standard rental agreement for our guests.  The Terms and Conditions for each rental unit may vary from this example.  Please read your rental agreement before signing.

VIP Resort Properties, LLC
Rental Policies and Agreement

RESERVATION HOLD PAYMENTS FOR RENTALS:  A Reservation Hold Payment equal to 20% of the gross rental rate is required to confirm your reservation.  Reservations can be confirmed by MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, or Cash.  PERSONAL CHECKS ARE NOT ACCEPTED as Reservation Hold Payments. 
SECURITY DEPOSIT:  A security deposit is required and is NOT applied toward the rental fees. This deposit will be refunded within 30 days of your departure provided there has been no damage to the condo, its contents and the facilities and grounds and provided that the condo is not excessively dirty thereby requiring extra cleaning procedures.  If damage to the condo, its contents and the facilities and grounds exceed the amount of your deposit, you agree to pay such charges in full and hereby authorize VIP Resort Properties, LLC, to charge any such amounts to your credit card.
RENTAL AND SECURITY DEPOSIT PAYMENTS:  All rentals and security deposit payments are due 30 days prior to check-in.  Please make payment in the form of cash, cashier’s check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.   Personal checks are accepted.   Arrangements must be made with the rental office prior to the balance due date to arrange for payment using means other than a credit card.  If a reservation is made less than 30 days prior to arrival, full payment is due when making the reservation.
ALL rentals of less than 6 months (181 nights) are subject to sales and bed taxes. 
CANCELLATION POLICY:  A charge of $100 will be deducted from the Reservation Hold Payment if a reservation is cancelled more than 30 days prior to the arrival date. If the cancellation occurs within 30 days of the arrival date, the entire Reservation Hold Payment will be forfeited.  Reservations made within 30 days of arrival and subsequently cancelled will forfeit the entire Reservation Hold Payment.
HURRICANE POLICY:  Refunds for unused days will only be issued in the event of a MANDATORY evacuation.  Cleaning fees, bed taxes and sales taxes are not refundable once a unit is occupied.  If a mandatory evacuation is ordered within 72 hours of your check in date, a full refund will be made.   No refunds will be given for any reason for nights evacuated on MONTHLY Reservations.
RESORT FEE:  A Resort Fee will be charged for registration, parking passes and, when conditions merit issuing, wrist bands for all rentals.
CLEANING FEES:  IF UPON ARRIVAL, you have ANY HOUSEKEEPING PROBLEMS with the unit assigned, report them to the Rental Manager IMMEDIATELY so that they may be rectified.  NO DISCOUNTS WILL BE GIVEN DUE TO HOUSEKEEPING.  A one-time, end-of-stay cleaning fee plus sales taxes will be charged in addition to the rental fees at time of check-in.  
RESTRICTIONS:  The maximum number of guests in a rental unit is limited by the number and types of beds in a unit.  We generally require a 3-night minimum for advance reservations for all periods other than the summer months and other high season periods when a 7 night reservation is required. Weekly reservations are expected to run from Saturday to Saturday. You should contact the Rental Manager for possible deviations from weekly only, Saturday to Saturday reservations only, policies.
If maximum occupancy is exceeded, you may be required to check-out immediately or pay an extra person charge.  In either case, forfeiture of the full deposit will occur.  The Rental units are to be used for residential purposes only.  No weddings, banquets or commercial activities are permitted without the prior written approval of VIP Resort Properties, LLC, and the Condominium Homeowners’ Association, Inc.   Any   unauthorized use, illegal activity or disturbance of the peace will result in eviction and forfeiture of all rents and deposits.
ACCESS TO UNITS: If your Accommodation has a keyed entry, you will be assigned a 4 digit lockbox code to enter the unit. The lockbox will be placed on the door of your condo at 4:00 p.m. on the date of your check-in. The lockbox will contain 2 keys for use during your stay. THERE IS A $50.00 LOST KEY FEE FOR EACH KEY LOST DURING YOUR STAY. If your Accommodation has keyless entry, you will be assigned a digital access code. The code will be activated at 4:00 p.m. on the date of your check-in. you arrive early and if the unit has been cleaned and inspected, we may allow early access. However, we make no representations about unit availability and access before check-in time.
CHECK-IN/CHECK-OUT:  Check-in time is AFTER 4:00 p.m..  In some instances, access to your unit may be unavoidably delayed due to cleaning or maintenance.  THERE WILL BE NO DISCOUNTS OFFERED DUE TO A LATE CHECK-IN.  For those arriving after office hours, arrangements should be made by telephone prior to arrival for check-in information.  YOU MUST CALL VIP RESORT PROPERTIES, LLC, IN ADVANCE DURING NORMAL OFFICE HOURS TO ARRANGE FOR AN AFTER HOURS CHECK-IN AND TO GET DOOR, GATE AND ELEVATOR ACCESS CODES.
Check-out time is before 10:00 am on your scheduled departure date.  Prior approval of the Rental Manager must be secured for late check-out.  Otherwise, an extra day’s rent will be charged assuming the unit is available.
PETS:  GUEST ARE NOT ALLOWED TO HAVE PETS IN ANY RENTAL UNIT OR ON COMPLEX PREMISES AT ANY TIME.   If a pet  is found in a unit, you will be responsible for a full carpet/furniture cleaning, flea spray, damages,  loss of deposit and immediate eviction and no refund for unused nights.
REQUESTING SPECIFIC UNITS:  The Rental Manager will strive to comply with all reservation requests for specific units.  However, due to owner changes, removal of units from the program, or mechanical problems, WE CANNOT GUARANTEE a specific unit or bedding.  In the event that a unit  you are renting is for sale, we may  need to show the property during your visit.  We will make every effort to schedule the showing at a convenient time so as to not disturb your stay.
EQUIPMENT AND APPLIANCES:  All units have heating/air conditioning, refrigerators, washers and dryers, stoves and microwaves, dishwashers and in some cases ice makers.   VIP Resort Properties, LLC, cannot guarantee the performance of these or other appliances.  We will take commercially reasonably measures to have any malfunctioning appliances or heating and air conditioning units repaired as soon as possible.  Unfortunately, there will be no refunds or adjustments on rent should a problem arise.
INITIAL SET-UP:  An initial complimentary issue of toilet tissue, bath soap, trash bags and dishwasher detergent will be furnished.  However, any subsequent replacement will be the guest’s responsibility.  Bath towels and bed linens are provided with your rental.  Please supply your own beach and pool towels.
REQUIREMENTS:  Since our property caters to families, we cannot accept reservations for vacationing students.  Anyone under the age of 26, unaccompanied by a parent, will not be permitted to register and will be subject to forfeiture of deposit and rental fees paid.  We require that for every 3 people under age 26 in the party, there shall be 1 person 26 years of age or older.   Should an accompanying parent not remain with the guests under 26 throughout the entire reservation period, eviction and forfeiture of rents and deposits paid will occur.  Any reservation obtained under false pretenses will be subject to forfeiture of all deposits and rental fees paid and the party will not be permitted to register.
COMPLIANCE WITH RULES:  If you are evicted from the unit which you are renting for failure to abide by these rules or for any other reason, you will not be entitled to a refund of the rents paid in advance and the deposit. You will also be responsible for damages to the unit or condominium property caused by you or your  guests.  In the event the cost to repair any damage to the condo unit, its amenities and its contents exceeds the amount of your deposit, you hereby authorize VIP Resort Properties, LLC, to charge your credit card account for any such excess and you agree to pay such charges in full.
PROPERTY DAMAGE AND THEFT:  We assume no responsibility for any loss or theft of guest’s personal property or items left behind in units.  VIP Resort Properties, LLC, assumes no liability for theft or damage to guest property, vehicles, boats, motorcycles, bicycles or any other items left in or on them.  If you leave items behind when checking out we will take commercially reasonably efforts to ship them to you at your expense.
GUEST  SAFETY:  THERE ARE NO LIFE GUARDS ON DUTY EITHER ON THE BEACH OR IN THE SWIMMING POOL AREAS.  SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK.   For your safety, we request you observe the posted Pool Rules and Ocean Condition Flags maintained on the beach by Bay County.  Pool Rules forbid glass containers, bottles, diving or jumping or horseplay in or around the pools.
SMOKING POLICY:  Violation of our NON-SMOKING policy by smoking in a unit will result in a recovery fee equal to the greater of $250 or your deposit and subject you to eviction. You hereby authorize VIP Resort Properties, LLC, to charge such amounts on your credit card and you agree to pay all such charges.
SUB LEASING IS NOT ALLOWED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Anyone determined in VIP Resort Properties, LLC’s sole discretion to be subleasing will be subject to eviction and forfeiture of your deposit and all rental fees paid.
BEACH RULES: We want all of our Guests to enjoy our beach. Therefore, to facilitate our Guests’ enjoyment, we encourage our Guests to temporarily set up on the beach their own beach chairs, umbrellas, and sun canopies/tents.  With respect to canopies/tents set up on the beach, we require that they be set up either side of the beach rental chairs but NOT between our rental beach chairs and the Gulf. Alternatively canopies/tents can be set up between the sand dune and our rental beach chairs.  Bay County regulations (aka, Leave No Trace) require that you remove canopies/tents from the beach at dusk each night and upon your departure. Any items left on the beach after dusk are subject to removal and disposal by Bay County.  VIP Resort Properties, LLC, will not be responsible for loss, damage or destruction to any items left on the beach.
INTERNET USAGE AGREEMENT:  The Condominium Homeowners’ Association, Inc. provides free wireless internet access at various locations on the premises. This is an unsecured network and by logging on to their system, you agree that you using the system at your own risk. VIP Resort Properties, LLC, and Condominium Homeowners’ Association, Inc., its owners, members, directors, and employees make no representations and warranties whatsoever about the speed, reliability, security, or any other aspect of this system. The Condominium Homeowners’ Association, Inc., and VIP Resort Properties, LLC, will cooperate with all authorities in any investigation, inquiry that they may make in connection with use our internet system for any illegal purpose. You expressly agree to hold the VIP Resort Properties, LLC, and the Condominium Homeowners’ Association, Inc., their owners, members, directors, officers and employees harmless and you agree to indemnify them for any costs, expenses, or damages arising from the use of this system.
CHECK OUT PROCEDURES:  Please load the dishwasher, empty the refrigerator and dispose of all trash and garbage in the trash chute on each floor situated near the east stairwell.   Door access codes are deactivated at 10 am.  Please let us know
when you have checked out.  
I _____________________________, Guest, acknowledge that I have read and understand the foregoing; that I have received a copy of the Rules and Regulations concerning the use of the vacation rental property, I have read and understand them and agree to abide by them. I also acknowledge that I am responsible for all members in my party to do the same. I further agree to pay all charges billed to my credit card for rent, cleaning and other fees and applicable taxes and that I authorize VIP Resort Properties, LLC, to charge my credit card for any damages incurred or extra cleaning fees identified after check out.
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